Greenman’s understanding of the German fund model helped form the origin of Greenman's Investment Philosphy where predictable income rather than speculative capital increases are responsible for the creation of investor returns.

The foundations for any investment policy, especially within the context of the recent poor performance of the Irish investment market, should be the desire to protect investor funds. Greenman have adopted the German fund model where excessive risk taking is absent from all but the most opportunistic funds and have implemented measures which are designed to ensure the protection of investors and their funds.

Today’s investors monitor their investments in more detail than previously. Investors are now willing to hold managers to account for decisions being made on their behalf.

Our philosophy, having evolved in response to these challenges can be reduced to three fundamental guidelines known as Investment Policy Pillars. These pillars are simple, replicable, and practical ensuring management decisions are always made with regard to three conservative and responsible investment principles.

Greenman’s desire is to generate annual income from predictable rental surpluses while ensuring the impact of any variables, beyond Greenman’s control, are reduced to a minimum.

Greenman’s primary concern, at all times, must be the protection of investor funds. All investment decisions must only be made after Greenman are confident that adequate measures to protect investor funds have been implemented.

All management decisions must be made within the boundaries of stated risk management policies, be monitored by independent bodies and reported to investors in a timely and accurate manner.

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